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Diagnostic Tools

Adobe PDF Sampling Speech Behaviors - This document includes Procedures for Collecting Fluency Samples; Types of Disfluencies; Method for Counting Disfluencies; Sample Collection Forms; Normative Data; and a Bibliography of Resources.

Adobe PDF Normative Fluency Data

Adobe PDF Normative Data for Fluency Severity Rating Scale

Attitudinal Scales - This section includes scales to evaluate the attitudes of the children/teens towards communication. Each scale has norms and targets different age ranges.

The Behavioral Assesment Battery (BAB) (Plural Publishers)

Developed by Gene Brutten, PhD and Martine Vanryckeghem, PhD.

This tool is a multi-dimensional set of inter-related, evidence-bsed, self-report tests that provide normative data for children between the ages of 6-15. The BAB incudes the following tests:

  • Speech Situation Checklist: Emotional Response (SSC-ER)
  • Speech Situation Checklist: Speech Disruption (SSC-SD)
  • The Behavioral Checklist (BLC): tests coping responses
  • The Communication Attitue Test (CAT): measure attitudes

Plese select one or two subtests for FFP. Administering the entire battery is not possible due to time constraints at FFP.

Erickson S24 Scale: an attitudinal scale for adults. This test is found on website of the Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln. (Opens in a New Window)

Adobe PDF A-19 Instructions and Form: designed to evaluate the attitudes of early elementary students.
Dr. Guitar has given FFP permission to use this test but a more comprehensive explanation can be obtained from the Stuttering Foundation of America's publication #9016 “Stuttering: An Integration of Contemporary Therapies” third edition, 2004.

Situational/Environmental Tools - This section has tools that can be used to help the clinician evaluate the impact of situational stress including various speakers, locations and types of speaking tasks.

Adobe PDF Rating of Stuttering Scale

Adobe PDF Situational Fears/Avoidance

Adobe PDF Situational Anxiety Hierarchy

Comprehensive Evaluation Tools

Overall Assessment of the Speaker's Experience of Stuttering (OASES) addresses evaluation of adolescents and adults. This tool is published. www.stutteringcenter.org

Cognitive, Affective, Linguistic, Motor & Social assessment model (CALMS). Speech-language pathologists can utilize this assessement tool to rate various aspects of a child/teen's fluency disorder on a scale. Periodic measures can be used evaluate progress. www.unl.edu/fluency

Adobe PDF Download the entire FFP 2011 Manual